Know the basics

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the most therapeutic non-psychoactive cannabinoids of the hemp plant. It is:

  • 100% organic
  • it’s safe (no side effects)
  • very effective

CBD crystals are considered a pure & high concentrate. For something diluted, try the CBD vape juice oil.

Why use CBD?

Because scientific studies and patients have shown CBD to be beneficial to an unbelievably large list of ailments. We at iDWeeds have done extensive research to present you this evidence.

CBD’s properties are antiepileptic, antianxiety, antipsychotic, neuroprotective, vasorelaxant (lower blood pressure), antispasmodic, anti-ischemic, anti-cancer agent, antiemetic, antibacterial agent, anti-diabetic & anti-inflammatory.

Besides that it’s also a means to treat pain, depression, autism and stimulate bone and brain cell growth.

Which CBD to choose?

Lab tested

Lab tested

Many (online) shops claim to sell pure CBD oil but often lack basic info like its real concentration and lab test certificate. At iDWeeds we only compare lab tested CBD so you can be sure you get what you pay for.

100% Organic

100% Organic

We have made this easy for you and compared trusted CBD brands. The high-quality ingredients are from Non-GMO hemp without any pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.



We love hearing from people who have used CBD or cannabis oil. This way we can share information on what works best for a certain condition with the optimal daily cannabis oil dosage and intake methods.

Your contribution can immensely help others, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the relevant medical condition article.

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What our visitors say

“I’m on actors plus metformin and januvia. After taking CBD oil my blood sugar in the mornings is 125. I’m very happy with the results. I’m 6 feet tall and im also losing weight.”

- James kellyWhat our visitors sayVerified

“I have a 10 year old who is severely autistic, non verbal and has SIB (self inflicting behavior) and I just took him off the risperidone and tries CBD oil. I have already noticed a difference and I am finally getting my boy back to his happy self. I am still experimenting with the dosage but 25mg seems to be the start point with him so far.”

- DanniWhat our visitors sayVerified

“Hi, I’ve been giving CBD oil to my sister, with severe stage Alzheimer’s, for a few weeks. I don’t know anyone else using this as an alternative treatment. At this point I’m very pleased with the results! Have only one tiny meltdown since starting.

She’s happier and calmer. I’m hoping to see continued improvement. I hadn’t even heard of CBD oil till someone mentioned it was beginning to be used for Alzheimer’s. She also has bad arthritis and seems to be doing better with that pain as well.”

- AnonymousWhat our visitors sayVerified

CBDPure 6-month value supply

Be sure to start your CBD treatment with full-spectrum, lab tested, completely organic and high-quality CBD for the best price to avoid disappointment.

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