Best Cannabidiol Oils for Anxiety with Review Charts
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Best CBD for Anxiety

Anxiety is something all too familiar to many of us. With a large portion of the adult population suffering from an anxiety disorder of some kind, it is the most common mental health issue in the US and Europe.

Did you know that each year 25% of the European population suffers from depression or anxiety according to the European office of the World Health Organization as stated on their website?

iDWeeds comparison review criteria

When we test on strength at iDWeeds, we first of all look at the therapeutic strength, that full-spectrum hemp oils with many other cannabinoids provide. Due to the supplementing, synergetic effects, these small concentrations of other cannabinoids have on the overall healing and health boost effects, these oils are much more effective than isolated CBD.

Of course, a strong oil needs to be full ‘bio’, and all ingredients, not only the hemp, need to be 100% organic. The mg’s CBD per bottle are basically irrelevant in relation to the strength of the oil because all dosings are provided in mg. A big bottle with lots of mg’s or the number of drops you take does not matter for your 20 mg daily dosage (for example).

Top rated CBD Oils for Anxiety

Our review is based on user testimonials, lab tests (cannabinoid profile), purity, concentration, and price. For comparison reasons we have taken the best value CBD oil package offered by each manufacturer, for example, 3 bottles, and have taken the current best value special offer.

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BrandCBDPure *Cannabidiol LifeEndocaNature Leaf OrganicsReceptra NaturalsAvid Hemp
Product Hemp Oil 600CBD Oil 3000Hemp Oil 1500CBD Gel Caps 750CBD Oil ProTincture 5000
100% Organic
Ships Outside US
Total mg CBD
$ / Day*$1.89$1.8$1.72$2.13$1.25$2
Price / Value

CBD oil for anxiety* Daily Dosage of 20 mg

Effects of regular treatment on anxiety

Regular medicine prescribes usually either short-term or long-term anti-anxiety-drugs. Although they provide clearly noticeable short-term relief, the long-term effects are covered in fog. One of the established and clearly noticeable long-term side effects is addiction and the corresponding withdrawal symptoms you will get when stopping.

Did you know that one of the withdrawal symptoms from pharmaceutical anti-anxiety drugs or anti-depressants like benzodiazepines (tranquilizers) could be rebound anxiety that can return in a far worse manner than what you suffered from in the beginning?

Common side effects of big pharma anti-anxiety drugs

  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Balance coordination problems
  • Aphasia (slurred speech)
  • Concentration problems
  • Memory problems
  • Confusion
  • Upset stomach
  • Headache
  • Blurred vision

Side effects of CBD

In contrary to big pharma anti-anxiety drugs, CBD has almost no side effects. The only minor side effects are a dry mouth and lower blood pressure. Besides that, CBD can have an eliminating effect on many regular medications that you might be taking.

Other, less common, side effects of big pharma anti-anxiety drugs are, for example, rage or hostility, mania, aggressive or impulsive behavior, and hallucinations.

CBD drops for anxiety

Cannabidiol is the natural twin of the substances that our body creates to regulate our health and healing, endocannabinoids (EC’s). Endocannabinoids and therefore also CBD closely interact with our nervous and immune systems. You can take CBD drops for panic attacks as well.

Instead of fighting symptoms as much of the big pharma drugs do, it goes to the root of the problem by fine-tuning your nerves, in case of anxiety problems. This is the reason why CBD health benefits are so widespread and powerful. It is a smart supplement found in nature in the hemp plant and in the cannabis plant, be it in lower concentrations.

#1 – CBDPure 600

CBD for social anxiety

CBDPure 600
CBDPure 600 has proven in lab tests to reduce anxiety and improve sleep and is the highest concentration of the CBDPure products and therefore best value. This truly organic and full-spectrum CBD oil, also contains other cannabinoids besdiedes CBD, like THC in a concentration of less than the 0.3% of dry weight legal limit, which add to the therapeutic effects of CBD.

CBDPure 600 comes in 60 ml bottles, containing 600 mg cannabidiol (CBD). When you get the value pack (6 months supply) you will have 3600 mg of CBD oil at your disposal.

For its production organically grown hemp from Denmark is used. Lab tests have shown that it has excellent purity and they offer a 90-day money-back-guarantee.

Cannabinoid Profile CBDPure 600

#2 – Cannabidiol Life 3000mg

Cannabidiol against anxiety attacks

CBD oil 3000mg
Cannabidiol Life Oil 3000 mg is also an excellent full Spectrum and 100% organic product.  Cannabidiol Life is based out of Florida in the USA. Their quality products are all based on full spectrum hemp oil. They are the largest CBD-specific website in the world.

Cannabidiol Life offers the whole CBD products line, including CBD oils with different potency. These CBD bottles contain 3000 mg cannabidiol and are the strongest in the range. Lab tests make sure they maintain their high standards of purity and concentration, which ensures customers get high quality and effective products. They ship free of charge in the US.

Cannabinoid Profile Cannabidiol Life 3000

#3 – Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mg

Organic cannabidiol anxiety attack remedy

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mg

Endoca’s Raw Hemp Oil 1500mg is the most potent product of this Danish company. The hemp plants for their products are all organically grown in Danmark and also their production is fully organic. The raw, unheated product contains a high percentage of CBDa and other cannabinoids.

Therefore this raw hemp oil works very well with anxiety. It is easy to sublingually administer. By putting the CBD oil drops under your tongue a very quick and long-lasting effect is achieved which is especially welcome with anxiety symptoms.

Cannabinoid Profile Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mg

#4 – Nature Leaf Organics CBD Caps 750mg

Organic and THC-free cannabidiol anxiety mitigation

Nature Leaf Organics CBD caps 750mg

Nature Leaf Organics CBD gel caps 750mg are a non-compromise fully organic and THC free product of this Colorado company. With their unique and innovative extraction method, Chromatography they are able to create the purest full-spectrum CBD possible. And besides the natural cannabinoids, the natural terpenes are also preserved, adding to the full-spectrum synergetics even more.

Therefore these CBD gel caps are extremely effective with anxiety. And because the CBD oil is infused into gel caps you don’t taste the hemp taste if you don’t like it. Some people also find capsules easier to dose than counting drops.

Cannabinoid profile Nature Leaf Organics CBD caps 750mg
Terpene Profile Nature Leaf Organics CBD Caps 750mg

#5 – Receptra Pro 4000mg

CBD Oil for Anxiety Relief

Receptra Active Lifestyle CBD oil
The American company Receptra Naturals, produces Receptra Pro with concentrations up to 4000 mg per bottle which is extracted from premium hemp and grown on family farms in Colorado. It ships worldwide and is a very nice and effective full spectrum hemp oil.

The oil is made from the hemp flowers only without using the plant’s seeds, stems, or stalks, but not all of the other ingredients are bio. Third party testing and validation allows them to guarantee consistent, pure hemp extracts for your daily routine.

Cannabinoid Profile Receptra Pro

#6 – Avid Hemp 1000mg

CBD oil tincture 1000mg
Avid Hemp goes to extensive lengths to ensure you receive the very best product. It is a Full Spectrum organic Hemp Oil. Their meticulous use of CO2 extraction is the best and cleanest solution to extract CBD.

This extraction method won’t leave behind trace amounts of toxins.They are based in the UK and ship to the UK, the US, and Canada.

Cannabinoid Profile Avid Hemp

#7 – SOL CBD 3600mg

CBD for anxiety and panic attacks

SOL CBD 3600
SOL CBD 3600 works well for anxiety. It contains only cannabidiol and no other cannabinoids like THC. It has a high CBD concentration and great purity. Due to its high bioavailability, it is absorbed by your body very fast and is therefore very effective.

Its highest concentrated product is SOL CBD 3600 which has 3600 mg of CBD in the 120 ml bottle. They use organically grown industrial hemp from Europe and they offer a 60-day money-back-guarantee.

Cannabinoid Profile SOL CBD 3600

Cannabidiol for universal anxiety relief

CBD anxiety relief time

When someone has an anxiety attack, the shortest relief time is required. Because the relief time depends on the CBD intake method, we recommend to chose the quickest absorption to the body. This is realized by sublingual intake, or in other words by putting the CBD oil drops under your tongue.

Exactly how soon you start feeling your anxiety or panic to recede, depends on your bodies metabolism, but roughly you are looking at 15 minutes to half an hour. If you want to avoid the taste of the oil and mix it into your salad or other food, or use any other way by which the CBD is going through your digestive system, you are looking at a significantly longer relief time, because the route is much longer. Generally, it will take a couple of hours before you start feeling relief.

CBD oil dosing for anxiety

In order to mitigate or relief mild anxiety a daily cannabidiol dosage of 15-20 mg per day is recommended. This is the same dosage that is recommended to maintain your general health. However, for severe anxiety disorder cases or panic attacks, the dosage needs to be increased.

This needs to be tested by each individual and the following factors need to be taken into account when experimenting with higher dosages:

  • Someone that has never taken CBD or cannabis needs to get used to CBD first and needs to increase dosing gradually. Although generally there are no side- or overdosing effects (see next points) you might feel it a little when ramping up too quickly.
  • CBD has no significant side-effects to take into account when increasing dosing. A CBD-beginner, when taking too large dosages too soon, might experience slight lightheadedness or dizziness due to the lower blood pressure that CBD initially causes.
  • CBD has no significant over-dosing effects apart from the above-mentioned side effects when taking too much too soon. Cannabidiol poses no threat to our health at any dosing size, even with extreme dosages of 1500 mg daily.

With severe cases of anxiety when it is desirable to help patients calm down and find relief from anxiety often treatment is started with a higher dosage (30 – 40 mg daily) for the first three or four days. This will provide the patient with a calm mind quickly after which the dosage can be reduced to the normal daily dosage mentioned above of 15-20 mg.

CBD also is used with other medical conditions, for example, in combination with a cannabis (THC) oil dosage to cure cancer. In that case, the cannabis oil has the lead healing effect but CBD oil for cancer treatment helps mitigate pain, nausea, and vomiting related to cancer.

We also tested what the top CBD oil for pain is in a separate article. Use our CBD dosage calculator to make sure you take the right amount of drops for any given milligram dosage.

CBD anxiety treatment for children

As you already have read from the medical tests and case studies, that CBD has been successfully applied in cases of child anxiety. Usually, our little loved-ones suffer from anxiety due to traumatic events or accidents, that cause them to panic or prevent them to sleep well or sleep at all.

Feeding your child with big pharma anti-depressants that we know are destructive to grown-ups, let alone children, in the long run, is for many parents, not the desired scenario. Research proves that CBD can gradually improve the mental health of anxiety affected children.

Anxiety with pets, CBD treatment

Anxiety is in fact also very common among pets. Especially dogs these days suffer more often from anxiety. Because pets, and in fact almost any animal on our planet, have the same endocannabinoid systems as humans, CBD works just as well with them.

If your dog is a nervous wreck, it might dramatically shorten his life. So, don’t let your furry friend suffer. Cannabidiol for dogs has proven to be a natural solution to dog anxiety, as well as with other pets.

Why we recommend CBDPure

Be sure to start your CBD treatment with lab tested and high quality CBD to avoid disappointment. Check out our general CBD dosage guidelines and price comparisons.

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