Best CBD Oils for Pain Relief with Review Charts
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Best CBD for Pain

Pain. A four-letter word that is all too familiar to us, because according to statistics, one in every four Americans suffers from pain lasting longer than 24 hours. Yet, the medication offered by the pharmaceutical industry is showing poor statistics of being able to deal with it. That is why we tested what the best CBD oil for pain is.

iDWeeds comparison review criteria

When we test on strength at iDWeeds, we first of all look at the therapeutic strength, that full-spectrum hemp oils with many other cannabinoids provide. Due to the supplementing, synergetic effects, these small concentrations of other cannabinoids have on the overall healing and health boost effects, these oils are much more effective than oils based on Cannabidiol isolate.

Of course, a strong oil needs to be full ‘bio’, and all ingredients, not only the hemp, need to be 100% organic. The mg’s CBD per bottle are basically irrelevant in relation to the strength of the oil because all dosings are provided in mg. A big bottle with lots of mg’s or the number of drops you take does not matter for your 20 mg daily dosage (for example).

Top rated CBD Oils for Pain

Our test is based on user testimonials, lab tests, purity, concentration, and price. For comparison reasons we have taken the best value package offered by each manufacturer, for example, 3 bottles, and have taken the current best value special offer.

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BrandCBDPure *Cannabidiol LifeEndocaNature Leaf OrganicsReceptra NaturalsAvid Hemp
Product Hemp Oil 600CBD Oil 3000Hemp Oil 1500CBD Gel Caps 750CBD Oil ProTincture 5000
100% Organic
Ships Outside US
Total mg CBD
$ / Day*$1.89$1.8$1.72$2.13$1.25$2
Price / Value

* Daily Dosage of 20 mg

Five facts about opioids

  1. You can develop a tolerance to the pharmaceutical pain medication and over time your pain might actually get worse.
  2. Most pharmaceutical over-the-counter and prescription painkillers are addictive and patients show withdrawal symptoms when stopping after having used them for a long time.
  3. Besides addiction, there are often several other long-term consequences of taking regular pharmaceutical painkillers like damage to your metabolism (endocrine system) and disturbance of your hormones, reduction of sex drive (libido) and strength of your bones (osteoporosis).
  4. Although regular pharmaceutical painkillers can achieve instant relief for acute pain, for example after injuries, against chronic pain, however, research has found them to be completely ineffective.
  5. Pharmaceutical painkillers do not fix the root cause of pain, they merely mask or camouflage the symptoms.Pharmaceutical painkillers

Did you know that more people are affected by Pain than Cancer, Diabetes and Heart Diseases combined?

Five facts about Cannabidiol (CBD) pain treatment

  1. Research has shown that your body does not develop a tolerance against cannabidiol.
  2. CBD is not addictive and has been used for centuries as a measure for natural pain relief, besides that it is not psychoactive and doesn’t cause a ‘high’.
  3. Some of the long-term consequences (better called positive effects on your health) of taking CBD are:
    • It balances your health and immune system, making you less vulnerable to many diseases
    • It is anti-inflammatory which reduces your risk of infections, cancer, diabetes etc.
    • It balances your nervous system, making you emotionally much stronger and it reduces or eliminates the risk of seizures in epilepsy patients, it greatly improves or completely cures autism, prevents anxiety, depression etc.
  4. Because your body does not develop tolerance and cannabidiol is not addictive, CBD is often used to relieve chronic pain and has shown great results with an ever-growing number of patients.
  5. Cannabidiol effects your perception of pain but at the same time, it mitigates any inflammation, possibly causing the pain.

Did you know that chronic pain is the most common cause of long-term disability?

CBD oil for pain management

So, how can it be that cannabidiol is so effective with pain management, you might say, whereas pharmaceutical medication is far from ideal. The difference can be found in the origin of both. Pharmaceuticals are chemically created substances which cause harm to the ailment they are intended to treat, but most of the time they cause just as much damage to other parts of our bodies.

Besides that, they target the symptoms of pain in a specific part of the body, and therefore usually work only for a specific pain, for example,  headache. Whereas CBD reliefs almost all pains we might get and because pain is often caused by inflammation, due to the anti-inflammatory working of cannabidiol, it therefore also eliminates the root cause of pain.

CBD, however, is a natural product which supplements our bodies own substances, endocannabinoids (EC), responsible for balancing our health, immune and nervous systems. Cannabidiol, a phytocannabinoid is the substance found in nature that is basically the same as the EC that our body produces. Therefore, you can see, it is not strange in any way that CBD has such a wide variety of positive effects on our health and it is safe to use as well.

It is often reported and a well-known fact that the THC cannabinoid can also be combined with CBD to help with pain mitigation. If you need help to determine the amount of CBD drops for your CBD oil dosage, use our CBD calculator.

#1 – CBDPure 600

Full-Spectrum CBD oil for pain

CBDPure 600
CBDPure 600 has a high concentration of Full Spectrum cannabinoids, is produced from 100% organic ingredients for a decent price and is, therefore, best value. Besides CBD it also contains an impressive seven other cannabinoids, like THC in a concentration of less than 0.3% which is the legal limit, but also CBN, which all add to the therapeutic strength and effects of CBD.

CBDPure 600 comes in 60 ml bottles, containing 600 mg cannabidiol (CBD). When you get the value pack (6 months supply) you will have 3600 mg of CBD oil at your disposal.

For its production organically grown hemp from Denmark is used. Lab tests have shown that it has excellent purity and they offer a 90-day money-back-guarantee.

Cannabinoid Profile CBDPure 600

#2 – Cannabidiol Life 3000mg

Full-Spectrum CBD oil for chronic pain

CBD oil 3000mgCannabidiol Life Oil 3000 mg is also a full spectrum hemp oil with seven other cannabinoids besides CBD, ensuring strong therapeutic health benefits for pain and other conditions. Cannabidiol Life is based out of Florida in the USA. Their quality, 100% organic products are all based on full spectrum hemp oil. They are the largest CBD-specific website in the world.

Cannabidiol Life offers the whole CBD products line, including CBD oils with different potency. These CBD bottles contain 3000 mg cannabidiol and are the strongest in the range. Lab tests make sure they maintain their high standards of purity and concentration, which ensures customers get high quality and effective products. They ship free of charge in the US.

Cannabinoid Profile Cannabidiol Life 3000

#3 – Endoca Raw Hemp Oil Drops 1500 mg

Full-Spectrum organic CBD oil for chronic pain

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mgEndoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mg is the most potent CBD oil in their product line and excellent for chronic pain and quick relieve of incidental pains. Because of the raw consistency and full-spectrum cannabinoid profile it particularly works well for pain relief.

Endoca is a Danish company with its headquarters in Germany. Their products are organically grown and manufactured in Danmark. In the entire growing and manufacturing process, no GMO, pesticides or other chemicals are used.

Their product line consists besides CBD oils of Extracts, Capsules & Pills, Skin Care, Chewing gum, Suppositories, and Crystals. The cannabinoid profile of Endoca is full-spectrum. It contains other cannabinoids like CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDv, and CBDa.

With over 240 countries, Encoda provides true worldwide delivery. Their daily dosage price is competitive and great value for your money. Endoca tests every batch of product in an independent lab. When you get your package it contains a batch number with which you can look up the extensive test report on the Endoca website.

Cannabinoid Profile Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mg

#4 – Nature Lead Organics CBD Gel Caps 750 mg

Full-Spectrum organic CBD oil for chronic pain that is THC-free

Nature Leaf Organics CBD caps 750mg

Nature Leaf Organics are based in the Hemp State Colorado, US. With a branch unique extraction method, they produce THC-free full spectrum CBD oil, infused in gel caps. Due to the chromatography extraction, their purity is bar none, keeping the integrity of the selected cannabinoids and terpenes untouched.

The true natural character of their products is their main focus. They also realize that many of their customers prefer to consume THC free CBD products. Everyone has their own reason for this, like personal, business or ethical reasons. Quite a lot of people are resilient to give their children or pets CBD products which contain THC.

Their cannabinoid profile is quite good and clearly full-spectrum, indeed showing the absence of THC. Because these products contain a bouquet of health improving Terpenes, we have additionally created a terpene profile to make it visible.

They only ship inside the U.S., Canada, and Germany but have a 30-day money back guarantee. As most of the premium hemp producers, they have their products independently tested.

Cannabinoid profile Nature Leaf Organics CBD caps 750mg
Terpene Profile Nature Leaf Organics CBD Caps 750mg

#5 – Receptra Pro 4000mg

Full-Spectrum CBD oil painkiller

Receptra Active Lifestyle CBD oil
Receptra CBD oil, from the American company Receptra Naturals, is extracted from premium hemp and grown on family farms in Colorado. It is a very nice and effective full spectrum hemp oil with worldwide shipping.

The oil is made from the hemp flowers only without using the plant’s seeds, stems, or stalks, but not all of the other ingredients are bio. Third party testing and validation allows them to guarantee consistent, pure hemp extracts for your daily routine.

Cannabinoid Profile Receptra Pro

#6 – Avid Hemp 1000mg

Full-Spectrum CBD oil for treating pain

CBD oil tincture 1000mg
Avid Hemp goes to extensive lengths to ensure you receive the very best product. It is a Full Spectrum organic hemp oil. Their meticulous use of CO2 extraction is the best and cleanest solution to extract CBD. This extraction method won’t leave behind trace amounts of toxins.

They are based in the UK and ship to the UK, the US, and Canada.

Cannabinoid Profile Avid Hemp

#7 – SOL CBD 3600mg

CBD pain relief

SOL CBD 3600SOL CBD 3600 contains cannabidiol and no other cannabinoids like THC. It has a high CBD concentration and great purity. Due to its high bioavailability, it is absorbed by your body faster and therefore very effective.

Its highest concentrated product is SOL CBD 3600 which has 3600 mg of CBD in the 120 ml bottle. They use organically grown industrial hemp from Europe and they offer a 60-day money-back-guarantee.

Cannabinoid Profile SOL CBD 3600

We also tested the best  CBD Oils for Anxiety.

CBD the allround pain remedy

Cannabidiol relief time

The time it takes the cannabidiol to take effect and you start feeling pain relief depends on the intake method. For pain relief, we recommend putting the drops under your tongue.

This way it is absorbed by your body faster and you start feeling relief, depending on your metabolism, anywhere from 15 minutes to half an hour. When you swallow cannabidiol, dissolve it in water or mix it with food, the cannabidiol has to travel through your digestive system, which is a much longer route and it will, therefore, take a couple of hours before you feel the effects.

Cannabidiol pain relief dosing

To maintain your health, we recommend a daily CBD oil dose of 15-25 mg. This will most likely also be enough to avoid and/or mitigate any mild pains as back pain and headaches. When you have severe pain like a migraine or acute back pain, injury or any other severe pain, it is recommended to take a higher dosage, for example, 60 mg per day. When the pain is reduced or eliminated you can reduce your dosage to 20-25 mg per day.

Because CBD is a natural product and has no tolerance or addiction side-effects, it is basically impossible to overdose. This makes it possible for you to experiment, how much you need to relieve the pain. It is not uncommon that people take 150 or more mg per day to mitigate severe pain.

Cannabidiol safe for children

CBD is widely used to treat children and not only for pain but also for more serious diseases like autism, epilepsy, anxiety, and hyperactivity. However, dosing THC oil should be taken with care.

Cannabidiol also for pets

The central system in every human body that controls the health and healing system is the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). As you have read above this system produces the endocannabinoids (EC’s) which naturally can be substituted by CBD (cannabidiol). The nice thing is that also almost any animal, and for sure all our pets, have this ECS and CBD, therefore, works just as well on your pets as it does on you.

So, why have your pet suffer from pain if you can relieve its pain with a harmless natural remedy like CBD for puppies that doesn’t cause any addiction and your pet does not develop a tolerance to?

Positive effects CBD has on other medical conditions

From what you have read so far in this article, you understand that CBD is incredibly versatile when it comes to positive effects on our health and healing ailments. Because of the way it works and its natural origin this diverse working, actually makes perfect sense.

Besides pain, there are many other medical issues (ailments, diseases) on which cannabidiol has either a positive effect or has been reported to completely cure them. Because this alternative form of healing has been so underrated and even ridiculed in the past, the list we show below might be not complete.

Since the last few years, cannabidiol has become more acceptable, more research is being done and we might see this list grow in the future as not every potential seems to have been discovered yet.

Why we recommend CBDPure

Be sure to start your CBD treatment with lab tested and high quality CBD to avoid disappointment. Check out our general CBD dosage guidelines and price comparisons.

© Copyright - iDWeeds *Health statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Nonetheless, after our extensive research the overwhelming anecdotal and scientific evidence speaks volumes.
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