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A Medical Scientist with background in Cancer Pharmacology. Moreover, Fawaz is also a Stem Cell Biologist with speciality in Endometriosis.

He has both original articles and review articles published in peer-reviewed international journals.
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CBD Asylum Review
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CBD Asylum Review

CBD Asylum is a Brittish company based in Hull in the UK.  They are a rather new player on the CBD retail market.

Opposite to most CBD brands, their products are all pure CBD products without additional cannabinoids but still 100% organic. Yet, they do contain a wide range of terpenes and natural minerals. One of their strong points is the product CBD Shots, which is specially developed for the fitness industry.

Besides the CBD Shots, they have oils, tinctures, vape e-liquids, dabs and isolate. Furthermore, they have the most impressive list of countries they can ship to. So, truly worldwide shipping.

It’s wise to first look around and make a CBD purchase based on solid and trustworthy information. CBD reviews from iDWeeds provide just that. This way you can make a rather educated decision.

  • Pure Cannabidiol

    Each CBD Asylum product is made of pure isolated CBD extract. If there is no THC in the oil, you definitely cannot get high from it. Yet, CBD Asylum Oils do have a full range of healthy terpenes and other natural minerals.

  • Organic

    Organically grown in Colorado.

  • Guaranteed

    30-Day unopened package refund guarantee

  • Value

    Great value on the market.

How to order

iDWeeds does NOT sell CBD products. We compare products from trusted brands to present you results based on strength, price / value, and user satisfaction. As the CBD market is flooded with shady scam sites, avoid disappointment and the risk of a contaminated product.

After selecting the CBD product that suits your needs, you will be redirected to the desired page where you can place an order and check out.

Product Line CBD Asylum

Pure hemp oil extracts with four CBD concentrations: 250/500/1,000/1,500 mg

‘Drip it’ in two concentrations: 500/1,000 mg and two flavors

‘CBD infused drops’ in four concentrations: 1,000/2,000/5,000/10,000 mg

‘CBD it’ a 500 mg CBD isolate

‘CBD Infuse’ in five concentrations: 200/300/500/1,000/2,000 mg and five flavors

‘Vape it’ CBD vape oils in two concentrations: 500/1,000 mg and three flavors

‘CBD X Sweets’ 100mg CBD liquid with nine tastes

‘Dab it’ a 500 mg CBD Dab

CBD drink supplement focussed on the fitness industry

Certificate of Lab Analysis

All CBD Asylum products are quality tested by an independent third party lab to ensure you get the best product possible. Certificate of Analysis is available on their homepage.

Click on a product that suits your needs to go to the order page.

Cannabinoid Profile CBD Asylum oil 1500
iDWeeds Rating

CBD Asylum CBD Oil 1500Cannabinoid Profile CBD Asylum

CBD Asylum offers also different kind of CBD oils. All of their oils are pure CBD without other cannabinoids, yet, with a wide-range of terpenes.

The CBD Oils are sold in four concentrations of as much as 250/500/1,000/1,500 mg CBD per bottle. Besides oils, they also have ‘Drip it’ and ‘CBD infused drops’ in different concentrations and flavors.

The Cannabinoid Profile of CBD Asylum is not full-spectrum because they are pure CBD oils.

Hence, not all ingredients are bio, so we cannot count it as 100% organic. With an almost mid-range daily dosage price, their price/value ratio is a good one (~$1.6/day).

Lab tests make sure they maintain their high standards of purity and concentration, This ensures customers get high quality and effective products. While one of their pros is that they ship almost literally worldwide.

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