CBD Dosage Calculator

“I wish I had a CBD Dosage Calculator” is what many people told us before. When we get our CBD oil, we’d simply like to know how many drops we need to take. However, not all CBD oils have the same potency.

There are so many different potencies and package indications that it can become very confusing, even for math talents.

So, to be consistent we only indicate CBD dosing in milligrams. This is a universal unit and it can be used with all CBD package / bottle indications.

CBD % to mg


Oil with 5% CBD in a 10 ml bottle: How many milligrams CBD are in 1 milliliter CBD oil?

1 milliliter = 1 gram = 1000 milligrams of CBD oil.

5% of 1000 milligrams = 0,05 times 1000 = 50 mg of CBD.

A 10 ml bottle contains: 10 times 50 = 500 mg CBD.

Amount of Drops

How many mg in a drop of CBD oil

To avoid miscalculating your daily CBD dosage, we have created two calculators. If your package or CBD bottle indicates the amount of CBD in milligrams, you only need the iDWeeds Drops Calculator.

But, often CBD packaging is without a milligram indication and only shows a potency percentage (% CBD). Therefore, you first need to convert to milligrams, using the iDWeeds % to mg Calculator. In addition, you have to calculate the number of drops with the drops calculator.

The top menu lists almost all medical conditions for which we have studied the CBD interaction. Hence, you can find the recommended CBD dosage for each of these conditions in the relevant articles. If you are treating cancer with cannabis oil, follow the procedures on that page.

It is safe to experiment with the dosage amount, because you cannot overdose on CBD.

right dosage

People commonly want to know the CBD dosage for pain, while for severe pain it’s probably best to add some THC to it. However, opposite to that, when dosing CBD for anxiety, no THC is needed. The same can be said for the CBD depression dosage as it’s linked with anxiety.

Because everyone is different, you will have to find the optimal dosage that works for you. It’s greatly appreciated when you share the dosage and method of CBD usage that works for you in the relevant medical condition articles.

For example, few people know that the CBD gummies effects are just the same as with oils and tinctures. They are also convenient to calculate your daily dosage. The gummy packages always indicate how many milligrams of CBD there are per gummy.


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CBD Dosage Calculator
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