Fawaz Abomaray

Fawaz Abomaray

Medical Scientist
A Medical Scientist with background in Cancer Pharmacology. Moreover, Fawaz is also a Stem Cell Biologist with speciality in Endometriosis. He has both original articles and review articles published in peer-reviewed international journals.
Fawaz Abomaray
PhD, Karolinska Institutet (Junior Researcher in Stem Cell Biology)
Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
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cbd for saleWe are fortunate to live in an age in which cannabis is rising in popularity. However, it can be difficult to find trusted CBD brands.

The explosive success of the hemp industry has resulted in an increase in bogus companies with fake CBD oil products.

No need to get frustrated by wasting your health, time and money trying dubious brands.

We weeded out all the whacky CBD brands to bring you this comparison list of our favorite CBD product reviews. Each brand on this list boasts an outstanding reputation and supplies lab test certificates for their products.

Independently Reviewed

iDWeeds does NOT sell CBD (Cannabis) merchandise. We compare products from trusted brands based on potency, value, and consumer satisfaction. As CBD demand creates a flood of shady scam sites, our mission is to prevent dissatisfaction and keep you from consuming a low-quality, contaminated product.

When you order from one of these links, we may receive some compensation. Nonetheless, our reviews are honest, fact-based, and verifiable thanks to our transparant testing procedure. See our full notice.

iDWeeds Top 5 Brands Compared

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BrandCBDPure *Nanocraft CBDAmerican ShamanMana ArtisanJoy Organics
Product Hemp Oil 600CBD Drops 3000Water SolubleHemp Oil 3x (3600)CBD Tincture 1500
$ / Day**$1.89$2.8$4$1.9$1.8
Ships Outside US
Water Soluble
Price / Value
iDWeeds Choice

* Price and total mg are based on the 6 month supply with extra discount  –  ** 20mg/day

iDWeeds Full Spectrum Rating

iDWeeds has created a unique rating system to indicate the level of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Full Spectrum – Naturally present cannabinoids with (added) terpenes

Full Spectrum – Naturally present cannabinoids without terpenes

Broad Spectrum – (Full Spectrum w/o THC) Naturally present cannabinoids with (added) terpenes

Broad Spectrum – (Full Spectrum w/o THC) Naturally present cannabinoids without terpenes

Isolate with (added) terpenes

Isolate without terpenes

Where and Which CBD Oil to Get?

Below is a selection and comparison of natural high-grade CBD extracts for many medical issues from pain management with CBD to Autism. All products listed are legal worldwide (best CBD for pain on the market is.

For example, CBDPure is lab tested (certificate on the product page) so you can be sure about the mentioned dosage without any contamination. In addition, most CBD is CO2 extracted hemp-derived (organically grown in Northern Europe or Colorado).

CBD contains also terpenes phytonutrients, enzymes and vitamins. Patients advice, based on their experience, to use high doses of CBD capsules and THC (cannabis) oil for serious medical conditions and CBD cancer treatment. Clinical trials confirm that these anecdotal reports are scientifically sound.

As an alternative to capsules, cannabidiol tincture is a fast-acting and effective treatment for skin and muscle issues. The tincture can be applied topically to the skin or taken sublingually, which is a bonus as sublingual treatments have a quicker effect than treatments absorbed through the digestive system. Vaporizing CBD is also an option for fast-acting treatment as the CBD is absorbed via the lungs rather than the digestive system.

For Europeans and people outside the US, we have indicated to which locations each brand ships in our comparison table.

Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil comparison

The cannabis product market is flooded with low-quality products. These products could be contaminated with herbicides and are often artificially flavored and mixed with other unnatural ingredients. The CBD percentage may be lower than advertised, and some products may not even contain CBD at all.

Our reviewing process is designed to weed out dodgy CBD brands. First of all, we ensure that all reviewed cannabidiol brands can provide a lab test certificate for their products detailing the exact concentration and cannabinoid profile, which we map out in pie charts.

Secondly, full spectrum hemp CBD is recommended thus we mostly review such products. Cannabidiol isolate is considered less potent as it lacks the synergy that is created by other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes in hemp.

Medical Marijuana

Strength and price comparison

We compared the strength in mg and daily consumption prices. During our analysis, it became clear that the best value for your money and health lies in the high concentrate products.

Furthermore, you save even more when purchasing a 6 month supply, which is not expensive at $339.99 for 3600mg of CBDPure. This makes it a rather attractive $56.67 per bottle of 600mg CBD.

Especially relevant is that for CBD hemp to be effective, you need a high enough daily dosage. The minimum recommended daily dose is 20 mg and that’s what we use in our comparison tables.

Finally, for serious conditions, take 100+ mg or adjust to your needs as everyone is different. People have reported back to us to have taken as much as several hundred milligrams a day for serious conditions without any negative side-effects.

Usually, after a period of CBD usage, you can gradually decrease the dose as your body’s balance is restored.

Full Spectrum

In addition to well-known cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) and THC, hemp contains a multitude of lesser-known compounds. Consequently, this improves CBD’s health benefits.

Scientific research during the last three decades has shown that when these cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved in a so-called full-spectrum hemp oil, a significant synergistic effect is present.

CBD American Shaman

American Shaman water-soluble full-spectrum hemp oil

CBD American Shaman Hemp Oil Water Soluble is a no-compromise product with the best properties for pain and anxiety relief. Consequently, it is also the most expensive product, but if you want the best, no questions asked, this product is for you.

This water soluble has 10 times more bioavailability as a regular CBD oil. Therefore it works fast and extremely effective. You’ll need less drops to achieve the same results.

The wide variety in cannabinoids and terpenes all synergistically add up to create the ‘entourage effect’ which is especially helpful for stress relief, pain relief, anti-inflammation, calming and sedative effects.

iDWeeds Rating

Mana Artisan Botanics

Mana Artisan Botanics Hawaiin Tumeric Hemp Oil 3x

Mana Artisan Botanics Hawaiien Turmeric Hemp Oil 3x, does not only contain many cannabinoids it also has added terpenes and other organic wholesome Hawaiien ingredients.

Due to the addition of Turmeric, Macadamia oil, passion flower, honey etc., it is probably the best tasting oil you can find. All ingredients are sourced from local Hawaiien farms.

There are 900mg of CBD in every ounce and the largest bottle of 4 oz (120ml) gives you the most CBD for your money.

iDWeeds Rating

Nanocraft CBD

nanocraft cbd gold series 3000

Nanocraft CBD drops 3000 are terpene rich and THC-free. Thanks to the nano-technology this oil has a very high bio-availability.

It works quick and efficient which is especially helpfull for pain, anxiety and other conditions. The Gold line drops come in three strenghts: 1000, 2000 and 3000 mg CBD.

You can order from most countries as they offer worldwide shipping. Nanocraft offers a no-questions-asked 30-day 100% refund.

iDWeeds Rating



CBDPure 600 has one of the best and most versatile cannabinoid profiles of the products that we compared. In total it has 7 cannabinoids.  CBD with 90.8% has the largest ratio while the other cannabinoids make up for 9.2% combined.

We consider a hemp oil 100% organic when all of the components are indeed organic. CBDPure is one of these all-bioproducts. In addition, CBDPure offers the largest money-back guarantee of 90 days because they are confident in the quality of their product. Unfortunately, they ship only to the US, Canada, and the UK.

For us, ‘value’ does not mean the cheapest. All the above-mentioned comparison points are therefore included in our CBD retailer ranking. In our opinion, CBDPure offers the best value for money in this CBD retailer comparison.

iDWeeds Rating

Joy Organics

JO tincture mint 1500mg

Joy Organics CBD is THC-free, but thanks to the naturally present terpenes very effective. It is a family business founded because of the personal experiences with CBD by Joy Smith, the Co-Founder.

Joy offers flavored and unflavored CBD oils. At iDWeeds we always recommend the naturally flavored CBD oils. Often the added flavors are not tasty or could be artificial.

You purchase risk-free from Joy Organics, because they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping in the US.

iDWeeds Rating


PurCBD Tincture 1000mg

PurCBD Hemp Oil Tincture 1000, is CBD oil with the legal limit of THC. Traditionally these two cannabinoids provide excellent effects on your health because their synergistic effect came out strongest in tests.

Pur ships only in the US and they have a 30-day return of unopened products. The oil is made from premium hemp, grown in Colorado. The lab tests show that PurCBD hemp oil is free of pesticides.

In short PurCBD 1000 is a no-nonsense pure CBD/THC oil.

iDWeeds Rating

Cannabidiol Life

The Cannabidiol Life CBD oils are sold in four concentrations, 250, 750, 1500 and 3000 mg CBD per bottle. The cannabinoid profile of Cannabidiol Life oils is one of the most versatile profiles we have seen so far. Besides CBD there are seven other cannabinoids present for extra health benefits.

Lab tests ensure that high standards of purity and concentration are maintained, which results in high quality and effective products. Cannabidiol life ships free of charge in the US but unfortunately not outside the US.

Cannabidiol Life’s products are 100% organic, from organically grown hemp to all of the other ingredients of the oils, edibles, waxes, crystals etc.

iDWeeds Rating

Avid Hemp

CBD oil tincture 1000mg
The Avid Hemp CBD oils are sold in two concentrations, 500 and 1000 mg CBD per bottle. The cannabinoid profile of Avid Hemp oils is technically full-spectrum because it contains three other cannabinoids. However, the micro-concentrations of these other cannabinoids are rather low.

Although they have a high-quality product, not all ingredients are bio, so we cannot count it as 100% organic. Lab tests are conducted to ensure that high standards of purity and concentration are maintained, which ensures that customers receive high quality and effective products.

Furthermore, one of the Avid Hemp’s pros is that they ship to the U.S. and abroad: the U.K., Canada, and Australia. Yet, with a rather high daily dosage price, they rank fifth in our comparison.

iDWeeds Rating


SOL CBD 3600
The SOL CBD oils are sold in three concentrations, 300, 600, and 3600 mg CBD per bottle. The Cannabinoid Profile of SOL CBD oils has improved as it no longer contains only pure CBD.

With five cannabinoids besides CBD, the full-spectrum SOL CBD brings your health an extra boost due to the synergetic effect of the combined cannabinoids. This effect is lost when CBD is isolated from hemp.

Lab tests are conducted to ensure that high standards of purity and concentration are maintained, which ensures that customers receive high quality and effective products.

International shipping is unfortunately not available, but they do offer free shipping for orders over $75 within the US. The product pricing is very competitive and they rank highly in the daily dosage price comparison.

iDWeeds Rating

Vaporizing CBD oil

For vaporizing CBD oil you need a vape pen compatible with e-liquids and waxy oils. CBD vape oils are available in a range of prices. Find out more about our recommended vaporizers for different budgets.

If you already own a compatible vaporizer, simply purchase the e-liquid or waxy oil and refill it. There are many advantages to using the waxy oil—in addition to being pure and free from additives, it is more concentrated and therefore more potent than the oil.

It can be difficult to make a choice when there is such a huge range of products available. If you’re struggling to decide, feel free to contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction. In addition, there will be a comparison table on the CBD vape oil page as well.

When ordering CBD pay attention to:

  • How are you going to use CBD? It can be vaporized, taken sublingually, chewed, swallowed or applied topically or rectally.
  • CBD is available in beverages, capsules, concentrates, edibles, drops, skin care, vaporizer oil and terpene infused products.
  • Check the % of CBD contained and whether it’s pure or diluted.
  • Are you using CBD to treat a medical condition, or for recreational and/or preventative use?

As you can see from our other articles, there are many ways to administer CBD.

The most effective and affordable way is to use CBD capsules or drops under your tongue. This is because more cannabinoids enter your bloodstream compared to other methods. The advantage of vaporizing is that it has an almost instant effect but with a rather short duration.

As you can see below, Cannabidiol for pets is also available. Just like humans, animals also have an endocannabinoid system. Consequently, it works the same for animals like dogs, cats, rabbits and so on. Many dog owners have shared their success stories with us about treating dogs with CBD.


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