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A Medical Scientist with background in Cancer Pharmacology. Moreover, Fawaz is also a Stem Cell Biologist with speciality in Endometriosis.

He has both original articles and review articles published in peer-reviewed international journals.
Fawaz Abomaray

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Endoca Review
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Endoca Review

This Endoca review gives you all the info you rather need about this CBD retailer. Endoca is a global company with offices in the US and the EU.

Endoca focusses on full-spectrum hemp oils and other CBD products. The organic nature of the ingredients of all of its products is most of all important to them.

Hence their CBD oils are made from organic hemp grown in Europe. They are free from any contaminants and all products are tested by an independent lab to ensure one of the best qualities on the market.

The regional climate and natural conditions are perfect for the growth and cultivation of hemp plants. Therefore, the quality of the hemp grown in this region is the best in the world.

Of course, you are smarter when you buy CBD oils reviewed by iDWeeds. By ordering reviewed CBD products you avoid the risk of disappointment.

  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

    Endoca contains a full range of cannabinoids such as CBDv, CBDa, and CBG, which studies have shown to provide a better therapeutic effect than CBD alone. Such low dose of other cannabinoids cannot get you high but still benefits your health.

  • Organic

    Organically grown in Denmark.

  • Guaranteed

    They have an excellent quality assurance process but offer no money back period. They only refund if you return the products unopened or if the delivery fails and the package gets lost.

  • Value

    Great value on the market.

How to order

iDWeeds does NOT sell CBD products. We compare products from trusted brands to present you results based on strength, price / value, and user satisfaction. As the CBD market is flooded with shady scam sites, avoid disappointment and the risk of a contaminated product.

After selecting the CBD product that suits your needs, you will be redirected to the desired page where you can place an order and check out.

Endoca Product Line

Endoca offers CBD oil and Raw CBD oil -with additional CBDa- in two strengths, 3%, and 15%.

They offer both a Raw CBD Extract oil containing CBDa and a Decarb CBD Extract.

Endoca made also their capsules with two strengths (3% and 15%) and you have the choice between Raw -containing CBDa- and Decarb as well.

Endoca has three skin care products, Hemp Salve, Buddy Butter and Lip Revitalizer.

They are one of the few retailers to sell CBD infused chewing gum.

Endoca sells CBD infused suppositories, so you don’t have to make them yourself.

They sell 99% pure crystals, which is CBD as pure as it gets.

Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mgCannabinoid Profile Endoca RAW Hemp Oil 1500 mg

Meanwhile, it is commonly known that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognized CBD as safe, non-toxic and with virtually no side-effects. Raw hemp oil is not heated during production and therefore it still contains a large portion of CBDa and the full-spectrum of other cannabinoids are also maintained. Besides that, the oil contains healthy terpenes, fatty acids, and other beneficial components from the original plant.

Endoca Hemp Oil 1500mg has a rather impressive cannabinoid profile. In total it has 6 cannabinoids of which CBD (incl. CBDa) with 91% is the largest and the other cannabinoids make up for 9% combined. Endoca also has decarboxylated CBD oils that have been gently heated to turn CBDa into CBD.

CBDa or Cannabidiolic acid is the cannabinoid in hemp that is most abundant. It’s recently discovered properties, like mitigating nausea, positive effects on seizure development, but also antibiotic effects are being discovered in a hurry. The RAW CBD oil product line of Endoca can, therefore, be seen as the ultimate of full-spectrum.

Besides CBD product reviews people also search for CBD gummy reviews, because gummies are a tasty and inconspicuous way of taking CBD.

Cannabinoid Profile Endoca Raw Hemp Oil 1500mg

Endoca Raw Golden Hemp Oil 3000mg CBD/CBDaCannabinoid Profile Endoca RAW Hemp Oil Paste 3000 mg

Besides the well-known cannabinoid CBD (cannabidiol), hemp contains many more compounds. Scientific research during the last three decades has shown that when these cannabinoids are preserved in the so-called full-spectrum hemp oil, a significant synergy effect is present, improving CBD’s health benefits.

Endoca Hemp Paste 3000mg has a top-notch cannabinoid profile. In total it has 4 cannabinoids of which CBD (incl. CBDa) with 84% is the largest and the other cannabinoids make up for 16% combined. This paste is raw because it is not heated (decarboxylated).

CBD Oil Taste

Raw CBD oil, extracted from the flowers of hemp plants like tastes like what is commonly described as nutty, earthy or grassy. If you keep it under your tongue for a good amount of time -a couple of minutes- you’ll feel a slight tinkling in your gum.

When you swallow it after that, the raw taste might slightly itch your throat, but if you follow up by drinking a glass of water you’ll have this very nice taste in your mouth that you want to stay there.

The taste of decarb CBD oil is smoother and gives you less of a feeling that you are taking the pure natural stuff.

CBD Oil Color

Raw CBD colorYou can easily identify yourself if CBD oil is raw or decarboxylated. Raw CBD oil usually has this typical hemp green color, because microscopic plant material hasn’t been filtered out. While on the other hand decarb oil has a golden color to it and probably no longer contains many other compounds.

If the manufacturer processes CBD oil beyond the CO2 extraction level, the green color disappears along with the terpenes, plant material etc.

Terpene Oil

You must have noticed that lately everyone -including iDWeeds- has been going on about terpenes, terpenoids and their greatness. What is the deal with that?

Maybe we (meaning our modern-day society) think we are too smart, that we know it all. We take a plant like hemp that has been around and known for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. Then, because we know it all, we start extracting compounds of it, thinking we make things better.

Not so sure. The recent development around terpenes also called terpenoids, is like taking a step back on this. And indeed tests prove that by taking as little as possible out of hemp during the extraction process it is more effective and users enjoy a stronger ‘entourage effect’.

In addition, scientists now believe that the medicinal properties of cannabis and hemp can not only be contributed to the cannabinoids like CBD, THC and many others. The terpenes,  which the cannabis plant is rich of, also have medicinal properties.

Some of these properties, add to the effects of others, while others counteract certain properties. It is a very complicated puzzle of nature, that scientists have only begun to scratch the surface of.

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